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TCELL Milestone
2005/12 Foundation of TCELL Technology Co., Ltd and opening of Hsinchu head office.
2006/04 Successfully developed USB flash drive with compound functions of skype and recording.
2007/01 Opening of TCELL Korea branch.
2007/06 TCELL becomes the solution provider of Transcend digital photo frame.
2008/06 Opening of TCELL Taipei office.
2008/08 TCELL successfully designs Smartplug products (unified the transmission device with PC on different mobiles) for European telecommunication company, Vodafone.
2009/08 Opening of TCELL Kaohsiung office.
2009/12 Establish TCELL brand and launch its first product series Bar B Q.
2010/08 Starting selling TCELL products on major internet shopping websites in Taiwan.
2011/08 Strategic Alliance with 7-11 for providing better/convenient after sales service.
2011/12 TCELL enters the market of internet shopping in U.S.A .
2012/02 Establishment of Japanese agent.
2012/05 TCELL launches USB3.0 flash drive.
2012/07 The pioneer of launching waterproof USB3.0 stylish flash drive.
2012/09 TCELL enters the market of internet shopping in Europe.
2012/12 Establishment of African agent in Burkina Faso.
2013/05 Establishment of China agent.
2013/07 TCELL launched OTG reader, starting the development of smart phone peripheral products.



USB3.0 Wd
Universal Serial Bus Revision 3.0 Specification (.zip file format, size 4.62 MB)YɴѤF@ǧ޳NWӸ`HUFUSB3.0һݥHγ]piPUSB3.0ۮe~CUSB3.0WdOzLEngineering Change Notices (ECNs)hקCbYɤ]tUC
1. 2008~1112ҵoUSB3.0W
2. ĥUSB3.0̷s޳Nw(adopter agreement)
3. 2009~44XLink Command LDN Engineering Change Notice̷s
4. 2009~44oUSB3.0 Standard-B and Standard-B Crosstalk Engineering Change Notice.
5. Reset Propagation Engineering Change Notice as of May 8, 2009
6. Reset Propagation Figure
7. 09~Ĥ@u(2009~515)oUSB3.0ɻ~(Errata)
8. 2010~323oClarification on the Chamfer on USB 3.0 Micro Connectors ECN as
9. 2010~323oUSB3.0Ls̤jަƩwq(Maximum Unmating Force Value Definition to USB 3.0 Micro Connectors ECN)
10. 2010~69oState Machinesu{קqC
11. 2010~69oĪISOзǥHPINGsu{קqC
12. 2010~69osOlp(Contact Plating Thickness)u{קqC
13. 2010~69oStandard-B Connector Near End Crosstalk Engineering Change Notice
14. 2010~69USB3.0ɻ~(Errata)



USB 3.0 Adopters Agreement (.pdf file format, size 32k)iѦɮפ
ZñݡĥUSB3.0s޳Nw\ñqۮeʲ~ɦfBK{vQwCUSB3.0s޳Nwϩ@~P⦳USB3.0ۮeʲ~ݦġCԲӽаѾ\ĥUSB3.0 ޳NwC
1. USB3.0 Flash Driver
2. USB3.0 2.5 Portal HDD
3. USB3.0 Slime Driver
4. USB3.0 Card Reader
5. USB3.0 HUB
6. USB3.0 1.8 Micro Driver
7. USB3.0 H
8. USB3.0 XRd
9. USB3.0 yH
10. USB3.0 UlyH
11. USB3.0 j{yH
12. USB3.0 yH
13. USB3.0 BBQyH
14. USB3.0 gyH