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Company Profile

「Professional digital storage media sales and marketing company.」
        Tcell Technology Co. Ltd. was found in 2005, and has been selling digital products around the world through a well organized marketing network which enables Tcell Technology Co. Ltd. attracts thousands loyal clients worldwide including North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China, South East Asia and Middle East and also shares high profitability and growth rate with our clients.
         Tcell Technology Co. Ltd. is one of the top companies aim at professional digital storage media sales and marketing. From 2005 to now, we keep extenting the product lines which cover flash memory cards, card readers, USB flash drive, digital photo frame and OTG accessories to complete market demands. In conclusion, to provide products with high customer satisfaction and deliver the best service are always our goals.
         Tcell has demonstrated its ability to catch the market window and improve the products' quality consistently which fulfills the needs of OEMs, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers all over the world. Tcell Technology Co. Ltd. has the confidence and capability to provide excellent digital storage media solutions based on the goals to achieve high customer satisfaction and deliver the best service.
         Entering the millennium, information technologies play an unsurpassed strategic role for virtual business anywhere. Hence, to prospect the future, Tcell Technology Co. Ltd. has set its goal to offer the highest quality of consultancy, products and services to make customers stay ahead of the competition in the IT market.
         The key factor that leads to the success of Tcell Technology Co., Ltd. is its talented employees. Tcell treats its employees as valuable asset of the company and would like to inspire their best ability in performing excellent working condition. Despite of office equipment and benefit package, the firm also emphasizes on the training for employees to further develop their talent. Everyone is equal to receive fully training on the job, job rotation and overseas exposure. The core value of growing with Tcell Technology Co. Ltd. has seeded in every employee's mind. A “people oriented” management, along with the collective efforts of all employees, will ultimately yield way to our vision - to create unbeatable value for our customers, employees, and shareholders.
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Hsinchu Headquarter
Add:8F-1, No. 285, Sec. 2, Kuang-Fu Rd., Hsinchu City 30071, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Business Registration No.:28066376




USB3.0 Wd
Universal Serial Bus Revision 3.0 Specification (.zip file format, size 4.62 MB)YɴѤF@ǧ޳NWӸ`HUFUSB3.0һݥHγ]piPUSB3.0ۮe~CUSB3.0WdOzLEngineering Change Notices (ECNs)hקCbYɤ]tUC
1. 2008~1112ҵoUSB3.0W
2. ĥUSB3.0̷s޳Nw(adopter agreement)
3. 2009~44XLink Command LDN Engineering Change Notice̷s
4. 2009~44oUSB3.0 Standard-B and Standard-B Crosstalk Engineering Change Notice.
5. Reset Propagation Engineering Change Notice as of May 8, 2009
6. Reset Propagation Figure
7. 09~Ĥ@u(2009~515)oUSB3.0ɻ~(Errata)
8. 2010~323oClarification on the Chamfer on USB 3.0 Micro Connectors ECN as
9. 2010~323oUSB3.0Ls̤jަƩwq(Maximum Unmating Force Value Definition to USB 3.0 Micro Connectors ECN)
10. 2010~69oState Machinesu{קqC
11. 2010~69oĪISOзǥHPINGsu{קqC
12. 2010~69osOlp(Contact Plating Thickness)u{קqC
13. 2010~69oStandard-B Connector Near End Crosstalk Engineering Change Notice
14. 2010~69USB3.0ɻ~(Errata)



USB 3.0 Adopters Agreement (.pdf file format, size 32k)iѦɮפ
ZñݡĥUSB3.0s޳Nw\ñqۮeʲ~ɦfBK{vQwCUSB3.0s޳Nwϩ@~P⦳USB3.0ۮeʲ~ݦġCԲӽаѾ\ĥUSB3.0 ޳NwC
1. USB3.0 Flash Driver
2. USB3.0 2.5 Portal HDD
3. USB3.0 Slime Driver
4. USB3.0 Card Reader
5. USB3.0 HUB
6. USB3.0 1.8 Micro Driver
7. USB3.0 H
8. USB3.0 XRd
9. USB3.0 yH
10. USB3.0 UlyH
11. USB3.0 j{yH
12. USB3.0 yH
13. USB3.0 BBQyH
14. USB3.0 gyH